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High Schools

WWII project

WWII project

Marshfield World War II and Korean War Interviews

 A Chronicle by High School Students Commemorating the Service of Marshfield Area Men and Women in Europe, the Pacific, on the Homefront and Korea.






 Jim Bokern and Bill Zuiker team teach a 10th grade English and US History course at Marshfield Senior High and were interested in challenging their students with a dynamic project. In recent years Bokern and Zuiker have been dissatisfied with students' understanding of the dramatic role the USA played in WWII and Korea. The events surrounding the war and their impacts seemed too distant for many of today's youngsters. Hopefully, a connection with veterans and reporting the important contributions of Marshfield Area residents will make WWII and Korea come alive for these students!

Our goal was to start simply with a small but well developed project. The ultimate outcome of this project will be a web page that may be published on the Internet. If we are successful, Marshfield students will contribute important historic information about World War II and Korea celebrating the enormous contributions of community veterans.

WWII 1999 Project

WWII 2001 Project

Korean War 2001 Project

Matt A. Britten

Mrs. Pat Keel

George Milich

Victor Biechler

Charles Brandt

Tony Eilers

Clyde Blum

John Wirth

Ernest Matson

Mrs. Olive Pankratz

William Zurn

Ed Duerr

George Bloczynski

Phyllis Schneider


Fred Fornrfeldt

Bob Radlinger


Lawrence Pankratz

Frank Veitschegger


Pete Karaliunas

Dennis Schulhauser






Robert Frank Bohman



Rolf Cahn



Wayne Kraemer



John Keel



Simon Kulinich



George Hoehn


To view the 2000 WWII Project go here to learn about the web based fund raising event we sponsored for the WWII Memorial.

Other WWII Pages Created By Marshfield Students

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