Nasonville Elementary

Nasonville Elementary Main Office - 715-676-3611

Nasonville Elementary Main Office - 715-676-3611
Principal:       Char Ulrich
History:   The original Nasonville School was built in 1960. Its six classrooms housed eight grades for a short time. In the fall of 1962, Nasonville and its sister school, East Fremont, became a part of the Marshfield School District. In 1981, the kindergarten, first, and second graders from both schools combined at East Fremont School while the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth graders moved to Nasonville School. In 1988 the Brey Architectural Study recommended that East Fremont be closed and its students moved to a remodeled Nasonville School. It took the district 12 years to save the money for the building project. The school board decided to build a new school rather than remodel the old one. For a fraction of the cost of a one-track school, the school could be built as a two-track school. This made good economic sense, and redistricting took place so that more families could benefit from the new building.
Population served:   (i.e. county, towns, parishes, etc.) The Nasonville area includes the town of Lincoln, Rock, Cameron, Richfield, Lynn, and Fremont
Enrollment:   306 students
Ages/Grades:   Kindergarten – Sixth grade
Staff #:   40 full or part-time staff members
Staff Education:   Many master level teachers
Finances:   Tuition - NA
Book Fee – Same as district
Per pupil expenditure – Same as district
Total budget figure – $1,727,912
Special programs:   SAGE – Student Achievement Guaranteed in Education (Gr. K-3)
Buddy Program
Learning Disabilities
Speech and Language
Title I
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