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AP Chapters Index

Chapters taken from The American Nation, Eighth Edition. ed. John A. Garraty . Copyright 1995.

The American Nation is the textbook used at Marshfield Senior High for APUSH. The outlines below follow the text closely except for chapters 29-32. The post WWII thematic units are new in 2002 and will be revised. Some content redundancies in the new thematic units are intentional and will be refined in coming years. Additional content has been added from Discover America and The National Experience. The Garraty text is excellent, concise and has a high readability level. Educators and students who find the outlines below helpful should strongly consider The American Nation as a featured or reference textbook.

Chapter 1: European Settlement of America and Native Americans

Chapter 2: Rise of American Self-Image

Chapter 3: America in the British Empire

Chapter 4: American Revolution

Chapter 5: Federalist Era

Chapter 6: Jeffersonian Democracy

Chapter 7: National Growing Pains

Chapter 8: Toward a National Economy

Chapter 9: Jacksonian Democracy

Chapter 10: The Making of The Middle Class

Chapter 11: Democratic Culture

Chapter 12: Expansion and Slavery

Chapter 13: The Sections Go Their Ways

Chapter 14: The Coming of the Civil War

Chapter 15: The War to Save the Union

Chapter 16: Reconstruction and the South

Chapter 17: In the Wake of War

Chapter 18: Industrial Giant

Chapter 19: American Society in the Industrial Age

Chapter 20: Intellectual and Cultural Trends

Chapter 21: Politics: Local, State, and National

Chapter 22: From Isolation to Empire

Chapter 23: The Age of Reform

Chapter 24: Woodrow Wilson and the Great War

Chapter 25: Post-War Society and Culture: Change and Adjustment

Chapter 26: The New Era

Chapter 27: FDR and the New Deal

Chapter 28: War and Peace (WW II)

Chapter 29: The American Century (1950's) Optional see thematic outlines new in 2002

Chapters 29-31 are thematic based and listed below

Foreign Policy thematic unit

Civil Rights thematic unit

Domestic policy thematic unit

Social and Cultural thematic unit





Chapters taken from The American Nation, Eighth Edition. ed. John A. Garraty . Copyright 1995.

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